Exciting Family Events to Attend in Edmonton This Summer

Exciting Family Events to Attend in Edmonton This Summer

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Summer is a time for families to come together, make lasting memories, and enjoy fun-filled activities. If you're in Edmonton or planning a visit, you're in luck! The city offers an array of fantastic events and attractions that cater to all ages. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the exciting family events happening in Edmonton this summer, ensuring that your time together is packed with laughter, adventure, and pure joy.


1. K-Days Festival:

Dates: July 22-31, 2023

Website: K-Days Festival

Get ready for non-stop excitement at the annual K-Days festival, held in July. This multi-day event features thrilling rides, live music, delicious food vendors, and a range of entertaining shows. From the exhilarating midway to the jaw-dropping fireworks, there's something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Don't forget to check out the daily parades and exhibitions, where you can experience the vibrant culture and heritage of Edmonton.


2. Edmonton International Street Performers Festival:

Dates: July 7-16, 2023

Website: Edmonton International Street Performers Festival

Prepare to be amazed by the awe-inspiring talents at the Edmonton International Street Performers Festival. Taking place in July, this event showcases incredible performances by artists from around the world. From mind-boggling acrobatics to mesmerizing magic shows, the festival offers a captivating experience for both kids and adults. Pack a picnic blanket and enjoy a day filled with laughter, surprises, and unforgettable performances.


3. Muttart Conservatory:

Website: Muttart Conservatory

Escape into a world of lush greenery and exotic plants at the Muttart Conservatory. This iconic attraction features four glass pyramids, each showcasing a different botanical theme. Wander through vibrant tropical rainforests, arid desert landscapes, and serene gardens filled with fragrant blooms. The conservatory offers educational programs, interactive exhibits, and special events that provide a deeper understanding of the plant world. It's a perfect place to inspire curiosity, appreciate nature's beauty, and spend quality time with your family.


4. Art Gallery of Alberta:

Website: Art Gallery of Alberta

Unleash your family's creativity and explore the world of art at the Art Gallery of Alberta. This contemporary art museum showcases a diverse collection of visual art, including paintings, sculptures, installations, and multimedia creations. Engage in interactive exhibits, join guided tours, or participate in hands-on workshops designed for all ages. The gallery often hosts family-friendly events, such as art-making sessions and storytelling sessions, fostering a love for art and encouraging artistic expression in children and adults alike.


5. Edmonton Valley Zoo:

Website: Edmonton Valley Zoo

For animal lovers, a visit to the Edmonton Valley Zoo is a must. This family-friendly attraction is home to a wide variety of animals from around the world. Walk through the immersive habitats, interact with farm animals, and watch captivating presentations by the zookeepers. Keep an eye out for special events and encounters that allow you to get up close and personal with some of the animals.


6. Edmonton Folk Music Festival:

Dates: August 3-6, 2023

Website: Edmonton Folk Music Festival

Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring sounds of live music at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. Held annually in August, this renowned event brings together talented musicians from around the world to celebrate the beauty of folk music. From folk legends to emerging artists, the festival offers a diverse lineup that appeals to all generations. Bring your blankets, chairs, and picnic baskets to Gallagher Park and enjoy the enchanting melodies, vibrant atmosphere, and community spirit of this beloved festival.


7. Edmonton International Fringe Festival:

Dates: August 17-27, 2023

Website: Edmonton International Fringe Festival

Unleash your love for performing arts and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of theater at the Edmonton International Fringe Festival. This 11-day extravaganza held in August showcases an array of captivating performances, including plays, musicals, comedy shows, and experimental acts. The festival takes place in various venues throughout Old Strathcona, creating a lively and bustling atmosphere. Explore the unique and often unconventional performances, engage with talented artists, and embrace the spirit of creativity and artistic expression that defines the Fringe Festival experience.


Edmonton is brimming with exciting events and attractions that are perfect for family outings this summer. Whether you're seeking thrills at K-Days, marveling at street performers, exploring history at Fort Edmonton Park, enjoying outdoor activities in the River Valley, or getting up close to fascinating animals at the zoo, there's no shortage of fun-filled options for the whole family. Make this summer a memorable one by taking part in these incredible experiences and creating lasting memories with your loved ones in the vibrant city of Edmonton.