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The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the grass is a beautiful shade of green again. Summer is officially here and so is patio season. Is your patio ready to be your oasis when you arrive home after a long day at work?


A beautiful, functional and inviting outdoor space can help rejuvenate you and your family from the daily grind.


Tips to Consider to Get Your Outdoor Space Patio Season Ready:

  • Go Bold – deep purple, rich green and dark blue are the colours to choose this season. A budget friendly way to incorporate these colours is to add outdoor friendly cushions, lanterns and dishes. For an even more economic pop of colour, paint existing planters in these vibrant colours. Be sure to carry these colours into the rest of your home too to create continuity and the feeling of a larger living space.


  • Outdoor furniture can add new elements to your patio by creating social seating areas as well as, or instead of, a dining area. If you are attempting to create an even more dynamic living space by purchasing new and more versatile furniture for your patio, do not forget to consider winter storage. You will want to protect your new investment from the elements and need to consider its size and ability to compact for winter. A large weather proof trunk that matches your décor can also be used for storage right on your deck provided you have the room.


  • Rugs, rugs, rugs! Nothing will bring the feeling of indoors outdoors better than a rug. Make every effort to have your patio be a shoe free zone. This will enhance the illusion that your patio is an extension of your home. Choose bold pattern or bright colours, and varying textures will help elevate the style of your space.


  • Extend the hours you can spend on your patio by investing in a propane heater and low key outdoor lighting. Solar lanterns and gas fire places also help set the mood and create a more relaxing atmosphere. If you want to go big, consider an outdoor chandelier hanging from a pergola. This is very popular this season.


  • Outdoor dishes are an excellent and inexpensive way to add fun and colour to your fresh air dining experience. When purchasing your outdoor “china” remember to consider durability as well as style. An outdoor dish caddy or cart is an excellent storage solution that will away take the headache of finding a place to store your outdoor dishes in your home.


Functionally expanding your home by creating a beautiful, low maintenance, outdoor oasis for you and your family is a wonderful way to enjoy the season. We hope that you can create lasting memories utilizing some of these tips.


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