What’s Happening In The Mortgage Market:

Quickfire Mortgage Solutions |

· Rates are Trending Upwards

· As the strength of the economy increases and the ‘Bond Market’ increases we will continue to see increased fixed rate terms

· Those with less than 2yrs left on their mortgage should connect with us about renewing early

· Those looking for a home should get a preapproval done & get a rate hold secured

· 2018 Has The Largest Number of Mortgage Renewals Happening On Recent Record

· Are you renewing in the next 6-12 Months? Do NOT sign with your bank until we have a review. You can move your mortgage with NO COST, usually for better terms/rates that we can negotiate on your behalf

· We can get started and be prepared to renew your mortgage

· Edmonton Moves to ‘Buyers Market’

· Great time to consider purchasing, with lots of available inventory

· Those properties in the $300-450k range are in demand, be prepared with a preapproval in hand ready to make offers

· The Condo market is still heavily saturated; now may be the perfect time to pick up a great deal