Ideas (& reasons) for a good walk in Edmonton

Stefan Cherwoniak |

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Go for a walk - that’s what Walkable Edmonton is all about.

The online hub connects you to core living essentials to help you use your own locomotion to move between places - running errands, going out for dinner or getting to work. It’s about creating an adventure in your very own city. Author and journalist, Hal Borland sums it up well, saying “all walking is discovery. On foot we take the time to see things whole.”

There are many good walking reasons:

1. 3 x more friends

Residents along a street with 2000 vehicles on it per day have three times more friends as a road with 16,000 vehicles, according to findings in the Livable Streets report published by University of California Press. The University of the West of England also found that social interaction made possible through walking develops social capital.

2. Boosts community engagement

The shorter a commute, the more involved people become in their neighbourhoods. The book, Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community, outlines how every 10 minutes of commuting cuts community participation by 10%.

3. Increases safety for all

With more folks out and about in the community, it ups safety. It’s a concept of “eyes on the street” cultivated by walkability advocate Jane Jacobs. She wrote about watching the "sidewalk ballet" in New York neighborhood where she lived. It’s not about watching pr spying on neighbours, it’s about seeing them. In Kansas City, crime in the Kessler Park neighbourhood went down by 74% the year 2.6 miles around it were turned car-free on weekends.

4. Good for the economy

A study conducted by Transport for London discovered pedestrians spend more than drivers - 65% more!

5. Health benefits 

Walking boosts the health of the community and city as well as the personal health of those taking the town as pedestrians. A study found those walking for more than 8.6 minutes per day are 33% more likely to report better mental health. Not to mention the physical health benefits.

Want to get walking?

We have some suggestions. Each local route provides you with opportunities to explore your city and engage with the community. Check out the Walkable Edmonton website.

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