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What’s in a name – cottage – cozy, safe, warming – and that’s what Kids Kottage is all about. Kids Kottage is a charitable organization supporting families in times of crisis. Started in 1995 this crisis nursery has welcomed children up to ages 10 when the parents are in crisis and have nowhere else to turn. Kids Kottage’s mission is to assist in the prevention of child abuse through many support mechanisms. The families are offered up to 72hrs of respite where the children can stay at the nursery. The children are cared for by experts ensuring their safety, support, care and a welcoming environment in their time of need. Once the crisis is over the charity continues to work with the families on deeper issues and connect them to other resources, as required. The staff are welcoming and ensure that the families know asking for help is a sign of strength.

Up to 1500 children enter the nursery annually where the Kottage supports ~600 families. Parents access Kids Kottage through a 24hr Crisis Line where families in need can call in for support, connection to other services, and arrange access to the nursery if needed. The 30 permanent staff, and up to 60 volunteers maintain this 5000sqft property. Everything from child care, cooking, cleaning, laundry, diapers, and maintenance are all completed by the staff and volunteers.

Kids Kottage is 50% funded by our community; equating to a need for $600,000 of donations to keep the nursery operating. There are many ways you can support this amazing charity. They do numerous fundraisers each year our favorite being the themed ‘Imagine Gala’ held this year on October 12 at the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald. (Hope to see you there!) You can donate as well – from their online ‘Wishlist’ (https://www.kidskottage.org/wishlist) of tangible goods, or as any charity prefers – cash – so they can get exactly what is needed for the nursery. When thinking of supporting an organization this fall think of Kids Kottage – we love them for all the work they do, the support they give the community and because they are one of the smaller (but mighty) charities in the amazing city of Edmonton.

If you or your family are in crisis and need assistance please call: (780)944 2888

If you, like us, would like to support the Kids Kottage check out their website: https://www.KidsKottage.org/donate

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