Exercise for Stress

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By Spencer Sharpe

If you’re a busy professional you’ve seen it everywhere, the benefits of exercise for stress management. This, however, isn’t about the science of it because if it was as simple as that you’d be using exercise more effectively. Information is great, and it’s all a Google search away but it’s useless if it’s still not being used. What you need so you can continue to thrive in business, grow personally and professionally, and gain massive success is the wisdom about how to use it.

As a business owner, entrepreneur or intrapreneur, you likely have habits that help you maintain focus, be productive, and manage stress to improve your overall well-being. Exercise is one of the greatest habits you can create, because it achieves all of these, so here are three guidelines for making exercise a staple in your life to manage stress and overall well-being.

First, keep it simple. The internet has a plethora of resources, as well as statements and claims about “what works.” Performing the essentials on a regular basis will always achieve some level of results. Lift free weights like dumbbells and barbells, use some weight machines if you can, and make sure to incorporate cardiovascular activity a few times a week. Make sure with all of these that you use good form and maintain moderate and even high intensity.

Second, stick to what you like. No, I don’t mean lounging on the couch eating Doritos. Find the forms of physical activity that you enjoy, because adherence is more important that what you actually do. In other words, the best exercise program for you is the one you actually want to perform. For me it’s lifting weights and playing sports when I can. For you it could be running, swimming, hiking, walking your dog, lifting weights, playing sports or any combination of these but what is important is that you do something. You may even like a challenge like Jujitsu or other martial arts.

Lastly, have fun with it. This is your time to not only focus on your health but to refresh, relieve stress, and fill your cup. Having an exercise routine allows you to continually be your best self, so you can bring that best self into your business for your customers, your team, and your partners, but it also allows you to bring your best self to your family and friends. Regardless of what you choose, choose something and stick to it consistently.

p.s. – don’t use lack of time as an excuse not to exercise. As a busy professional, you don’t have the time NOT to exercise.

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