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It is never too early to be thinking of next school year. If your child is starting Kindergarten, or making the move to Junior High or High School going to an open house can help you decide where to enroll them.

There are many options available for schools in and around Edmonton. Do the research and find the best school for your child. First you will need to decide what type of school you want to look into. There is public, Catholic, Charter, Alternative programs (such as languages), and also programs for those with learning needs.

Every address has a designated school assigned to it for public and Catholic school boards. Search for these on their websites. If you are looking for a specific program within these school boards then you can ask for an exemption to be enrolled in a school that is not your designated school.

A great way to find out if a school is best for your child is to attend an open house. There you will meet with staff and students and have all your questions answered. To find information about open houses follow these links:

Edmonton Public Schools

Edmonton Catholic Schools

To find a list of Charter, Private, Francophone and other schools visit