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Government of canada 5 year bond


When rates were as low as 1.89% for 5 Year Fixed in October and now they are creeping up nearing 3% that means that the market is moving...

What fuels fixed rate increases you may ask?! Good Question -

The 5yr Canadian Bond Yields are currently what is making the fixed rate terms continuously climb. These Canadian Bond Yields are now nearly as high as pre-pandemic levels... so - as the economic strength comes back we will continue to see these levels RISE and therefore the 5yr Fixed Mortgage Rates will also follow suit... (see the fancy graph above)

What Can I Do To Avoid Paying More?!

Get preapproved, get preapproved, get preapproved. That's all we can say - the value of that 120 day rate hold COULD end up saving you thousands in interest. If you don't use the rate hold - no problem - its free to secure by our team. Simple application, a paystub, and a credit check - and voila! 120 Days of interest rate security.

Best of all is if rates are lower at your time of purchase we always triple check to see if your rate hold is the best for your family! Shop knowing what you can afford with the peace of mind of the rate hold being in place...

SIGHHHH - even we feel better for you now!

This doesn't just apply to those purchasing - people that are THINKING about selling, or refinancing should connect with us to see what solutions we can create to ensure savings for them too... YES we love our existing clients and people with mortgages already too...

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mortgage brokers in Edmonton